Fuzhou Radio adopts an IP workflow with Lawo equipment

Fuzhou Radio studio in China with Lawo devices

China’s Fujian Province Fuzhou Radio and Television has upgraded their channels to AES67-compliant RAVENNA AoIP with the installation of mixing consoles and I/O equipment from Lawo.

Two identical on-air studios were built for Fuzhou Radio. Each is equipped with a 12-fader ruby mixing console, backed with Lawo’s Power Core, an AoIP mixing engine available to radio. Fuzhou Radio also equipped the studios with Electro-Voice RE27 and Shure MX 418 microphones, Genelec 8030 monitor speakers, Eventide BD600+ broadcast delay systems, and Infomedia AOIPBox terminals.

Lawo’s ruby console and Power Core engine combination is “hugely popular with top broadcasters”, according to the press release. Power Core’s multiple MADI and AES67 interfaces give access to as many as 384 channels of stereo audio, standard.

Furthermore, eight plug-in slots are ready to accommodate I/O via mic, line, AES3, HD MADI and Dante expansion cards. When paired with a Lawo ruby mixing console, Power Core can provide 96 DSP channels for audio shaping, with up to 80 summing busses, multiple AutoMix groups, and comprehensive compression / expansion / de-essing tools. It also has dual, redundant NICs with SMPTE 2022-7 seamless protection switching to ensure recovery from network faults.

Lawo’s line of physical and virtual radio solutions include the ruby radio console, sapphire, sapphire compact and crystal mixing surfaces, crystal CLEAR and RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixers, and VisTool GUI-builder software.

“Fuzhou Television has worked with Lawo before and have experienced the power of our mixing consoles firsthand, with an mc²56 at the center of their HD OB van,” says Jochen Richter, Lawo Head of Sales, Radio. “When they decided to renew their radio studios and adopt AoIP, they found our ruby mixing console perfectly suited to their needs. More and more broadcasters are realizing the benefit of audio networks based on standards rather than proprietary protocols, and choose Lawo.”

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