Game Creek Video chooses RTS intercoms for the final game of the American football season in Miami

Game Creek's team at the final game of the American football season at Miami Hard Rock Stadium

The entire production village of Game Creek Video OB trucks onsite for the last match of the American football season in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, – from Friday’s red carpet to Sunday night’s post-game – relied on RTS intercoms.

Game Creek used RTS intercoms for its entire fleet of OB trucks, each of which has its own integrated comms system. All trucks are then connected to each other using RTS Tribus and Trunking technologies. The primary trucks on site were Encore A, B, and C (a three-truck system) for game coverage; Cleatus A and B for the pregame; and Bravo for the kickoff show, opening night, and as primary backup to Encore. Additional Game Creek support facilities brought the truck total to ten.

All the primary production trucks use RTS ADAM frames, while the newest support truck, Edit 4, sports the latest RTS ODIN frame connected via Dante/OMNEO networking. In addition, user stations deploys a variety of RTS keypanels, with the latest installations like Bravo using the new KP-5032 and KP-4016, while legacy models like the KP-32 serving the more established trucks.

Even the halftime show, which is covered by a separate production supplier, relied on Game Creek’s cameras. According to Jason Taubman, Senior VP, Technology for Game Creek Video, this is one area where RTS intercoms played a critical role. “One of the things we have to do is swing the camera communications back and forth between one production and the other,” he explains. “Making that switch to the halftime production and then swinging everything back to game coverage when it’s over is one trick we do with RTS that’s pretty cool.”

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