GatesAir and Foccus Digital to upgrade ISDB-Tb transmitters for Brazil’s TV Record

ULXTE liquid cooled transmitter by GatesAir

GatesAir announced a new deal with Foccus Digital to integrate and commission nine GatesAir ULXTE liquid-cooled transmitters for Brazilian TV Record in markets such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. All transmitters are scheduled to be on the air by May 1. This is possible thanks to an easy installation provided by the ULXTE’s modular design.

According to GatesAir, its liquid-cooled transmitters will bring benefits such as reducing cooling loads and air conditioning bills. In addition, the company integrates a pump system with the ULXTE architecture to circulate liquid within the transmitters and thus remove heat to the building exterior.

Foccus Digital and GatesAir will also provide training initiatives for TV Record engineers, while Foccus Digital providing in-depth education on transmitter operation and maintenance.

Cesar Donato, president of Foccus Digital, has stated its willingness to improve operational efficiencies and performance across TV Record’s ISDB-Tb network. “Many transmitter vendors have built efficient transmitters that sacrifice performance, but GatesAir has brought a true convergence of efficiency and performance to market. TV Record has been using transmitters from another vendor with a very low-efficiency rating of 13 percent. The ULXTE transmitter delivers a 300 percent improvement in efficiency, which will bring TV Record incredible savings in electricity, and provide a much more robust signal with exceptional MER (modulation error ratio) performance. There is really no comparison”, he added.

Rich Redmond, President and Managing Director, International, GatesAir, also said: “GatesAir and Foccus Digital have developed a very strong partnership that has resulted in a large number of TV and FM radio installations across the country that continues to grow. GatesAir is uniquely equipped to support the demanding technical characteristics of large ISDB-Tb networks, while also ensuring that customers reap the benefits of exceptional efficiency, high performance and low total cost of ownership. TV Record is renowned for their strong technical expertise, and we are grateful to have been selected as their long-term digital TV partner following extensive, competitive evaluations. We look forward to working with Foccus Digital and TV Record to continue upgrading and enhancing their broader ISDB-Tb network.”

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