GatesAir will provide equipment and services to the national DTV of the Republic of Ivory Coast

Equipment that GatesAir will deployed to enhance the Ivory Coast's DTV

The Republic of Ivory Coast has reached an agreement with GatesAir to provide “turnkey equipment and services” in order to support the country’s national digital TV (DTV) network.

The collaboration will begin with the endowment of seven transmitter sites to cover seven cities, including Abidjan, which will provide DTV services to the 30% of the country. The other six sites will reach to, approximately, the 80 percent of the country. The aim of the government and the company is to reach the 100% coverage by 2020. Each of the seven cities includes three transmitters with DVB-T2 headend equipment, antennas and towers that support three programming multiplexes (one from the government compound by seven channels, and two privates). GatesAir will also supply 21 GatesAir Maxiva UAXTE air cooled, high efficiency UHF transmitters.

According to Bruno N’Doua, Director of Studies and Development of the Société Ivoirienne de Télédiffusion (IDT), “The digital transition is very important for the Ivorian population as it opens the television space more than even before. These populations will now have the option to watch seven channels to start, whereas before there were only two channels available. This will change the viewing habits of Ivorians, and is a major step forward in the liberalization of the audiovisual space. This is not the first time the Ivory Coast has worked with GatesAir. They were formerly known as Harris, and their transmitters have helped us provide high-quality distribution of TV programs for at least 15 years. Therefore, we already knew the robustness of GatesAir equipment, and it is an immense pleasure to work with GatesAir again”.

GatesAir has already offered transition services to eight other African countries: Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda. For Ivory Coast, GatesAir will partner with African Union Communications for headen systems and STA for towers, antennas and transmission shelters. GatesAir will work together with STA on the installation, commissioning, maintenance services, training, services and support initiatives.

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