GBH, Content Producer for PBS, NPR, and PRX, boosts studio capabilities with 3 Solid State Logic System T Consoles

GBH, renowned as the largest content producer for PBS and a key partner to NPR and PRX, has upgraded two television production control rooms at its Boston headquarters by installing two new Solid State Logic System T S300 32-fader consoles. Additionally, a Solid State Logic System T S500 64-fader console has been incorporated into the Fraser Performance Studio, an 1,800-square-foot music recording space within the facility. These three consoles have been seamlessly integrated with various SSL Network I/O, including D64, D32, and A16.D16 interfaces, as well as SB i16 and SB 16.12 Stageboxes.

The installation of these three new System T digital platforms, overseen by GBH’s in-house engineering team, replaces the original desks installed when the Boston complex was first completed in 2007. According to Senior Engineer Dan Brown, the previous desks, provided by another manufacturer, required replacement due to their limited capabilities. Brown notes, “We noticed an improvement in audio quality when going through the consoles.”

He further explains, “Our ability to do more comprehensive signal processing, such as multi-band dynamics, limiting, gating, equalization, and filtering, has increased.” With the integration of the new System T S300 consoles, GBH has streamlined its operations by consolidating processing functions within the consoles themselves. Additionally, the consoles have been customized to enable fader start options for DigiCart machines and integration with the studio’s on-air tally lights.

In the Fraser Performance Studio, the decision to upgrade to the System T S500 was driven by the need to adopt Dante networking throughout the complex, as already implemented in GBH’s TV facilities. Broadcast Maintenance Engineer Sai Patel explains, “The biggest thing was the fact that we could change from AES3 to something modern and accessible, because a lot of manufacturers are adopting Dante.”

Recording Engineer Antonio Oliart, a two-time Grammy Award winner, praises the new S500 console for its great sound quality and flexibility. Similarly, Radio Audio Engineer Téa Mottolese finds the console easy to learn and appreciates its remarkable sound quality.

Oliart emphasizes, “We do a lot of music, so we need something that sounds great on music and has the flexibility to handle various sessions.” The Fraser Performance Studio’s S500 console is equipped with SSL Network I/O A32 SuperAnalogue™ line level interfaces, D64 AES-to-Dante interfaces, and MADI-Bridge, enhancing its recording capabilities.

In the TV production realm, the two System T S300 consoles are paired with SSL Network I/O A16.D16 interfaces, facilitating analog line inputs and outputs for audio booth gear and booth monitor speakers. These consoles are also interfaced with D64s and SB 16.12 Stageboxes to integrate all TV studio microphones into the Dante network.

Furthermore, GBH’s engineering team has implemented switches in each TV studio and audio booth to accommodate ancillary equipment, enabling seamless sharing of audio resources between various production areas. The integration of these consoles with GBH’s intercom system via Dante ensures effective communication during productions.

Regular TV productions handled by the new System T S300s include daily shows like “Greater Boston” and weekly shows like “Basic Black.” The streamlined setup allows operators to seamlessly transition between different shows, reducing the need for multiple showfiles.

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