Globecast partners Infront to distribute globally Ice Hockey World Championship via cloud

Globecast has announced that has partnered with Infront ir order to provide global distribution services for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2021. The Championship has been disputed recently in Riga, Latvia.

With the provision of multiplatform services for Infront, Globecast is making full use of its market-leading satellite connectivity and global teleports, alongside its intercontinental fibre network. This delivery methods have been combined with cloud technology solutions. Infront is benefitting not only from cloud-based streaming, but also a monitoring solution that allows services to be seen in real time, over IP.

The workflows had involved several data centers and many technological solutions. Globecast has provided all of the encoding and connectivity from the site and the contribution has been made to London via fibra.

On Riga, encoding and monitoring solutions were provided across two diverse venues. That has allowed full diversity and disaster recovery while adapting to COVID protocols. Globecast engineers has provided duel and diverse MCRs; not only for all the feeds going out but also the return global distribution feeds so that Infront could see what their customers were receiving.

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