Globecast offered pop-up channel technical services in Asia to Cartoon Network

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Cartoon Network has decided to extend its longstanding parthership with Globecast for the launch of two new pop-up channels: in Singapore with Singtel and in the Philippines with Cignal.

The first, called “Pop & Watch”, was available for free on Singtel’s IPTV service, Singtel TV GO and Singtel CAST mobile apps from June 12-21. The second was launched as a pay-per-view channel on Cignal TV from May 3 to June 2.

Globecast amplified its playout, media management and content archiving agreement with WarnerMedia to provide technical services for the channels. WarnerMedia on London delivered content to the ingest and playout system of Globecast in Singapore. With the graphics added to the channels, Globecast conducted a comprehensive testing before launch, including full trial runs. While on air, the company carried out a complete monitoring.

James Crossland, Senior Vice President of International Operations for Turner, a WarnerMedia company, said, “These pop-up channels were something new for us in Asia and we were really pleased with the results. We’re always looking to offer our broadcast partners innovative new platforms to showcase our content and it’s important to everyone that the technical services are seamless and hitch-free.”

Shakunt Malhotra, VP of Operations, Globecast Asia, added, “This was an exciting project and we expect to see more of these requirements on a global basis. Cartoon Network leveraged our expertise to manage content and our optimized workflow, which was ideal for for quick launch and smooth operation. This project was an excellent way to maximize content use and therefore ROI, extending brand reach.”

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