Grass Valley announces K-Frame XP and LiveTouch 1300

Front view of the latest production system by Grass Valley: K-Frame XP

Just a few hours before the beginning of GV LIVE Presents – Innovate 2020 event (you can register here:, Grass Valley has introduced two ground-breaking innovations: K-Frame XP And LiveTouch 1300.

The new K-Frame XP video processing engine features true single stream, full raster, 4K processing at 2160p. That means it eliminates the need for compromise in 4K UHD productions: there’s no reduction in I/O count in 4K UHD, no reduction in M/Es, keyers or DPMS in 4K UHD, and no change in operator workflow in 4K UHD.

K-Frame XP’s video processing is built on an “innovative” hardware platform, according to the press release. This compact solution has “the smallest footprint” of any professional 4K production switcher, delivering the processing power to handle resolutions such as HD, 3G, and 4K UHD, as well as HDR. The switcher also allows its 80×40 I/O count to remain unchanged, regardless of whether customers are producing in all IP, all SDI, or in hybrid environments at 1.5G, 3G, and 12G. The K-Frame XP supports all the latest IP and workflow standards such as SMPTE 2110 and AMWA/NMOS IS-04 and -05 standards.

In addition, the K-Frame XP supports 4K UHD on every input or output stream with no additional conversion required, and no reduction in I/O count. The system comes withup to six full-featured mix effects (MEs), each with six full keyers, with associated 2DDPMs, which include perspective. There is an additional option to add up to 16 floating 3D iDPMs. The new K-Frame XP is also fully compatible with any Grass Valley Kayenne, Karrera and GV Korona switcher control panel, allowing customers to leverage their existing investments. The solution also delivers eight-channel ClipStore with two minutes of 4K UHD replay capacity, 12G single-stream connection on every input, and “smooth, full raster” 4K effects from every keyer.

Furthermore, Grass Valley unveils LiveTouch1300, the latest member of its live highlights and replay production system. The new solution brings” enhanced flexibility” to 4K UHD production allowing users to capture video directly from IP sources, and delivers expanded collaborative workflow capability. Designed for mobile, outside broadcast (OB) productions and sports venues, the rugged system is built for life on the road. The new HTML5 LiveTouch Dashboard makes system monitoring, control, start up and basic configuration straightforward and quick in the on-and-off environment of an OB truck.

For efficient content production, the LiveTouch Panel now includes a uniquely integrated creative toolset that eliminates the need for external PCs. In addition, this latest version of LiveTouch enables multiformat production without changing the operator workflow.  With inputs that support up to full raster, single stream 4K UHD/HD processing and HDR/SDR up and down or cross-mapping, LiveTouch easily works across production standards. Concurrent operators may have access to all cameras and servers to instantly create, edit and playout highlights packages. Simplifying content creation even further is Fileflow 4, a new streamlined UI that allows operators to create rules for automated file delivery to social media, archive and other network-based destinations.

Built with the latest native IP environments in mind, LiveTouch 1300 “simplifies” 4K UHD requirements with unique dual redundant 50G SMPTE ST 2110 IP interfaces with NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 that allow operators to use standard IT network connections to quickly identify and connect the system. Last but not least, panels connect over IP allowing operators to be miles away from the event and the Live Touch server.

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