Grass Valley to introduce Maverik X switcher/mixer with AMPP integration at NAB Show 2024

Grass Valley, has announced it’s thrilled to introduce the Maverik X software-based switcher, powered by AMPP, at the next NAB Show edition at Las Vegas on April

The Maverik X sets a new standard in switcher technology, offering great versatility and performance, Grass Valley signals. According to the company, whether deployed on local, hybrid, or cloud computing platforms, this industry-leading switcher supports a seamless blend of uncompressed and compressed inputs and outputs, boasting full 10bit UHD HDR workflows, automatic up/down/cross conversion, and HDR LUT mapping capabilities. What sets Maverik X apart is its adaptability, as it can be operated via fully customizable HTML5 interfaces on PCs and tablets, or through Grass Valley’s iconic modular Maverik switcher panel.

Flexibility is the hallmark of Maverik X, as manufacturer explains, and the switcher effortlessly scales to meet the demands of any production. With the ability to customize inputs/outputs, M/Es, keyers, DVEs, and replay wipes, this new solution ensures seamless operation for events of any size. Leveraging the power of AMPP workloads, the latest GV development’s users can access a comprehensive suite of tools including Multiviewers, audio mixing, graphics, replay, and more, all managed through a single interface. Plus, with flexible PAYG or contract pricing options, users can optimize their costs and pay only for what they use.

Adam Marshall, Chief Product Officer at Grass Valley, emphasizes the importance of delivering best-in-class video processing to meet the evolving needs of customers. He states, “Today’s production control rooms require agility and scalability to adapt to changing requirements while keeping operational costs in check. Maverik X empowers productions to effortlessly scale across operators and environments, ensuring support for productions of any scale with minimal configuration changes. With the introduction of AMPP local, customers now have the flexibility to leverage these capabilities both online and offline.”

From major networks and sports franchises to live entertainment and corporate events, Maverik X caters to the specific needs of producers and technical directors. Greg Huttie, VP for Switchers at Grass Valley, underscores the significance of Maverik X in the evolution of software-based switching services. He explains, “While AMPP has traditionally offered switcher capabilities, Maverik X represents the next phase with its unparalleled flexibility and extensive capabilities, setting a new benchmark for software-based switching services.”

To experience its new switcher/mixer and explore Grass Valley’s comprehensive range of advanced products and solutions, visit booth C2308 at NAB in Las Vegas from April 13-17.

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