Grass Valley introduces NDI compatibility in its AMPP solutions

NDI, the video-over-IP technology part of Vizrt Group, has recently announced that Grass Valley’s AMPP will integrate the capabilities of NDI. By this fact, Grass Valley becomes the last supplier to join the NDI partner ecosystem for IP video production. Grass Valley joins other organizations across the media and technology sector including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Ross Video, and many others.

With the adoption of NDI into AMPP, GV has unlocked the platform to the NDI-enabled devices and applications used by media and broadcast professionals.

Together with access to the NDI SDK, Grass Valley adds bandwidth-efficient NDI|HX AMPP applications, along with parallel access to a range of video sources via remote networks and cloud connections.

“We are proud to work with Vizrt Group in order to bring an end-to-end NDI workflow for all broadcasters,” says Dr Andrew Cross, CEO of Grass Valley. “Full support for NDI in AMPP allows us to support full broadcast, supporting Live, Routing, Multiviewers, Replay, Ingest, Asset Management, Editing, Playout and much more. And all of that can run anywhere you want, including the Cloud.”

“NDI adoption continues to grow at an accelerated pace, gaining partners across a range of markets and tiers,” remarks Michael Hallén, CEO of Vizrt Group. “Grass Valley is a huge player in the broadcast tech market, and to add them as an advocate, and their hero product to NDI’s growing ecosystem is a compliment to the technology, and a win for the video-over-IP revolution.”

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