Grass Valley’s cutting-edge technology empowered G20 summit

When the world turned its attention to New Delhi for the pivotal G20 Summit on September 9 and 10, 2023, Grass Valley played a crucial role in delivering a seamless, cutting-edge media experience. Empowering the International Media Centre (IMC), Grass Valley’s transformative Media Universe took center stage as it powered the IMC across multiple G20 locations, capturing live and recorded moments from the Bharat Mandapam, Raj Ghat, Palam Airport, and Hindon Airbase.

AMPP – The game changer: One of the standout elements of Grass Valley’s contribution was the AMPP platform, a cloud-based SaaS solution that integrated Grass Valley cameras, switchers, elastic recorders, and more. AMPP provided a scalable, centralized hub for the event’s vast media requirements, ensuring on-demand capacity and eliminating post-summit costs, a significant advantage for broadcasters covering the event.

From ingest to distribution: With 99 Grass Valley cameras strategically deployed, Elastic Recorder X and Isilon Storage ensured smooth ingest and secure storage of vast amounts of footage. Mync Software streamlined the process of cataloging and converting ingested video files, while FrameLight X Asset Management provided real-time accessibility and collaboration for global broadcasters. Grass Valley’s comprehensive solutions covered every aspect of media content management during the summit.

Broadcast quality: The summit’s content was showcased in its finest form, thanks to Grass Valley’s K-Frame XP Switchers and seamless Adobe Premiere integration. The ability to transition seamlessly between High Dynamic Range and Standard Dynamic Range, facilitated by KudosPro UHD1200, ensured an optimal viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

The GV media universe advantage: Handling the complexity of routing feeds across multiple venues, Grass Valley’s Densité Modular signal processors and Sirius Routers played a pivotal role, ensuring seamless transitions and consistent signal quality. With over 105 major pieces of Grass Valley equipment strategically deployed, the GV Media Universe delivered strength and reliability at its core, reaffirming Grass Valley’s reputation as a leader in technical solutions for broadcast and audiovisual production.

Grass Valley’s role at the G20 Summit exemplifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering excellence in media production, making them an indispensable partner for such high-profile events.

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