Gravity Media Australia partners with Supercars Media to produce Repco Bathurst 1000

Gravity Media to partner with Supercars to cover the race

According to both companies, the production to come will be the biggest ever for this Supercars’ competition

Supercars Media and Gravity Media recently confirmed details for the all-including all-screens coverage of 2023 Repco Bathurst 1000. Both companies have worked together to capture every moment on Fox Sports and the Seven Network from October the 5th to 8th, and the deployment consists in more than 175 television cameras on-track, in-car, in the pits, around the track, embedded in concrete kerbs and walls, in the air and across sections of the track on a wire, and accessing four state of the art high definition outside broadcast trucks, speciality in-car camera technology designed and developed by Gravity Media Australia, 52 kilometres of broadcast cable and a total production crew of more than 250.

In addition, coverage of this year’s Repco Bathurst 1000 will be broadcast around the world via Supercars’ international broadcast partners. This is the eleventh year for Gravity Media Australia’s broadcast facilities and technology collaboration with Supercars Media which produces the global and Australian television coverage of The Great Race, which reaches its 60th anniversary this year.

Coverage of the Repco Bathurst 1000 has expanded dramatically over the years. The first race saw three television cameras cover the event in 1963. The first “live” in-car camera coverage was delivered in 1979.

Key production details for television coverage of the Repco Bathurst 1000:

  • Ten production trucks, including four high definition outside broadcast trucks driving the overall television production
  • More than 175 cameras across the track, in the pits, in and across cars, on driver helmets, mounted in race walls and track kerbs, including portable and speciality extreme super slo-mo cameras, live helicopter coverage and a “DACTYL CAM” camera on a wire covering 700 metres across Conrod Straight and The Chase
  • 52+ kilometres of television production cable and fibre, enough to lap the circuit more than eight times
  • Broadcast and production team circa 250+ across Gravity Media and Supercars Media

In addition to this partnership with Supercars Media, Gravity Media also provides the technology and systems for Supercars’ team radios, along with isolated camera coverage for the Gravity Media Australia developed and bespoke Gravity Review System, used by the motorsports judiciary and race control in the management of every on-track moment in the Repco Bathurst 1000 and across every race in the Repco Supercars Championship.

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