Gravity Media develops new post-production solution in partnership with Pronology

Gravity Media has recently announced a new location post-production solution in collaboration with Pronology’s mRes.

The solution is part of Gravity Media’s ‘Capture’ offering. It enables recording of multiple tiers of video including a high-res media file, an edit proxy, and a live-web streamable version. It provides a local file copy saved to Gravity Media’s recording service and writes all files to any external storage.

mRes captures content 24 hours a day for weeks at a time and it has been deployed on entertainment reality series. Its features include: continuous recording for multiple hi-resolution and proxy file creation, compatibility with Avid Interplay, integration with 10G connectivity to storage, allowing local and NDI network multiviewer monitoring and ingesting multiple formats and frame rates to various storage targets simultaneously.

The solution is scalable and from now is available as part of Gravity Media’s Remote Production offering which enables this to be linked back to Gravity Media’s Production Centre located in White City, London, as at Production Centre in Chiswick, London and Production Centre located in the heart of Manchester.

“This is the perfect next move for us at Gravity Media to launch our location post-production solution. For over six years, mRes has been my choice of fixed rig recorder, used in numerous projects I have worked across whilst previously at ITV Studios Entertainment. I am truly excited to be a part of launching this location post-production solution at Gravity Media, working with clients across the globe to ensure a compact and fast solution linking back to our London and Manchester Production Centres,” states Steve Kruger, Gravity Media’s Executive Director.

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