Gravity Media develops total turnkey solution for Festival of Speed at Goodwood

Gravity Media recently reviewed its involvement in the production of this year’s Festival of Speed at the Goodwood venue. The festival consists of a hill climb, rally stage and drifting element. The theme of this year’s event was innovation, highlighted by a record-breaking electric car.

This event was the third in the series of live broadcasts in the Sussex countryside. Gravity Media has also announced a five-year agreement to provide full production for the broadcasting of the Goodwood motoring event season and the Goodwoof entertainment event.

Gravity Media was responsible for providing more than 40 hours of live content over the four days, including live coverage for ITV as a standalone enhanced broadcast on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday’s two-hour program was also broadcast on the Sky Sports F1 channel. Global channels were also created for international partners, a dedicated digital production, exclusive content for partners and a highlights program for ITV and international fans.

The team used eight on-board cameras that were installed in several cars, bringing the audience closer to the action than ever before. The turnkey operation also included full design and rebranding of on-screen graphics, support for Goodwood’s digital content strategy and project management across all partner events and activities.

“The project also provided the perfect opportunity to showcase some of our special camera technology from Gravity Media. We had four fully robotic cameras deployed (remotely controlled by operators in the production gallery) in locations that provided very exciting shots that would otherwise have been considered too dangerous to have been captured by a manned camera position,” notes Peter Sarginson, Gravity Media Lead Digital Design Engineer. “We also had several of our mini-cameras discreetly embedded in the side of the hay bales facing the runway. They allowed us to get fantastic shots of the cars at high speed. Again, these are places where conventional cameras are not allowed (for safety reasons). The mini-cameras in question were a proprietary development, originally for tennis net applications, providing high-quality, high-definition images.”

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