Australian Sports Broadcasters (Gravity Media) upgrade with Xeebra its video officiation system

Xeebra, powered by EVS, is becoming a standard in video officiation. Xeebra is a multi-camera review system that provides officials with everything they need to simply review every suspicious play and make the right call. These revision systems are also known as Video Assistant Referee (VAR) or Television Match Official (TMO).

EVS has announced that the Australian OB production giant Gravity Media has adopted the Xeebra standard. Also, Gravity Media will integrate this Xeebra system with their new Gravity Review System (GRS) to provide revision on suspect plays and communications during matchs as a full-service OB package. The Australian sports market will be the first region to benefit the service that Gravity Review System and Xeebra can provide together.

“With Xeebra at the heart of our GRS offering, we’re empowering officials to make the right call, keep sports safe and ultimately deliver a premium audience experience for our broadcast clients”, has ensured Ben Madgwick, Director Media Services & Facilities.

Xeebra is easily integrative with any live production workflow or environment. It is also fully scalable and networked and will cover a wide range of sports and events shooting. It supports Full HD 1080p and super slow-motion. Xeebra records every camera signal in order to avoid that any image could be missed. This means that if multiple incidents occur at the same time, the system will record every angle of the play and cued them, just ready for the revision.

This system has given live sports objectivity and has released referees a lot of decision load. As Ben Madgwick said, “the job of referees and sports officials is a difficult one and their performance is often under as much scrutiny as the players on the field”.

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