Harvard University relies on Marshall’s CV568 camera for ice hockey video refereeing

The Harvard University men’s ice hockey team is highly valued in the college hockey categories. Their matches are broadcasted via streaming on ESPN+ and on linear broadcast partner NESN (New England Sports Network).

The University has recently acquired a selection of POV cameras, including the CV568 Miniature Global Shutter Camera with Genlock from Marshall Electronics.

“We started out with one Marshall camera, but the problem with getting one Marshall camera is that you immediately realize it’s not nearly enough, so you get a second one,” says Imry Halevi, associate director of athletics at Harvard. “When we received the second one, it quickly became evident that we needed four and so on.”

The CV568 POV camera offers 1/1.8” Global Shutter 3.2MP sensor and 25 percent larger pixel size, for ultra-fast, low latency capture. The inclusion of Genlock (tri-level signal-sync) offers switching between camera perspectives in fast paced action.

For Harvard the CV568 is used as a goal cam to show images of the puck as it crosses the goal line or not. According to Halevi, “We have placed the CV568 on the glass behind one of the goals in our rink for our broadcasts. It is part of our review system for the officials to verify if there was a goal or not.”

To place the camera, Halevi uses a Manfrotto Magic Arm with a clamp on one side and a camera plate on the other. The Magic Arm is attached to the beam that is right behind the net with the camera pointed out to the goal.

In addition to the CV568 being used for hockey, Harvard Athletics also employs Marshall’s CV300-series and other CV500-series POV cameras at various sporting events.

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