HbbTV association unveils latest iteration of HbbTV Conformance Test Suite

The HbbTV Association, a global initiative dedicated to establishing open standards for advanced interactive TV services via broadcast and broadband networks, has introduced the latest version of the HbbTV Conformance Test Suite.

The v2024-1 Test Suite, crafted by the HbbTV Testing Group, marks the inaugural significant release of 2024, boasting a comprehensive array of 3,273 test cases, with 2,538 earning approval. Among these, 225 tests received approval during the HbbTV Testing Event held in London, UK, in February. This release showcases a notable expansion, with 154 additional test cases compared to its predecessor.

Included in this iteration are 177 tests tailored to evaluate functionalities aligned with the latest HbbTV core specification, HbbTV 2.0.4. Noteworthy features encompass Accessibility, Dialogue Enhancement, and DVB-I, now accessible to HbbTV Test Suite licensees.

“We are happy about the strong participation in the recent International Plugfest and HbbTV Testing Event in London, co-organised by the HbbTV Association, Digital TV Group and Deutsche TV-Plattform, with more than 40 developers testing interoperability across different devices and screens,” said Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association. “This clearly underlines the significance of HbbTV as the standard enabling advanced features on TV screens to ensure a compelling TV experience for viewers.”

The HbbTV Test Suite serves as a crucial mechanism for device manufacturers to validate compliance of their products with the latest HbbTV specifications and features. Accessible through registered HbbTV test centers, the Test Suite also offers convenience to HbbTV members for in-house utilization.

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