HbbTV association promotes standard for targeted advertising (HbbTV-TA) at latest HbbTV Summit

Recently, the annual summit of the connected TV industry was held in Prague. It is known as HbbTV Symposium and Awards 2022. It was developed by the HbbTV Association and the Czech Association of Commercial Television (AKTV). The event was attended by some 200 participants from 18 countries in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

The industry has given strong support at this meeting for the implementation of the HbbTV specification for targeted advertising: HbbTV-TA. The objective is to promote new monetization possibilities for broadcasters, advertisers and manufacturers.

The Addressable TV Initiative (ATVI), founded by the German media companies RTL Deutschland and Seven.One Entertainment Group, aims to achieve full technical interoperability of the HbbTV-TA and ADB2 specifications in smart TV sets and set-top boxes across Europe.

Other topics discussed at the conference include the involvement of HbbTV in the new DVB-I standard, which combines linear TV channels and streaming services in a unified channel list, the important topic of conformance regimes and interoperability, which ensure that reception devices fully comply with the HbbTV specifications, and technology trends such as the opportunities for broadcasters in the metaverse and HbbTV beyond classic broadcast environments.

“One important trend which surfaced at the Symposium is the engagement by industry players in various initiatives to better use and implement the HbbTV specifications and make the HbbTV ecosystem more practical and efficient, as HbbTV is now a true business enabler for many companies and not just an innovation area. The foundation of ATVI is the perfect illustration of that,” said HbbTV Chairman Vincent Grivet.

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