Hiltron showcases state-of-the-art satcom innovations at GovSatCom 2024

Hiltron Communications recently participated in GovSatCom 2024, where they showcased their cutting-edge satcom solutions and services. The event, held at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg on February 22, attracted attendees from various sectors within the telecommunications industry according to organizers.

Thomas Wurst, Pre-Sales Engineering Manager at Hiltron Communications, expressed satisfaction with the event’s outcomes, stating, “GovSatCom 2024 proved a very good event measured by the partnerships forged, ideas exchanged, and solutions ignited, paving the way for generating new projects in the government sector.”

Among the highlights was the debut of the HSACU4 compact antenna control unit at GovSatCom 2024. Additionally, Hiltron exhibited two products from their ESA Microwave division: an ESA C-/Ku-band feed system with circular/linear polarisation capability and the ESA FI-02-C-RT-05 filter.

The HSACU4, designed for flyaway antennas, offers a space-efficient alternative to the established HACU used in earth station antennas worldwide. It features modules such as a polarisation driver, an integrated beacon receiver, and power supply modules for the LNBs. Auto-pointing and tracking are facilitated by data from a beacon receiver, along with a sensor box containing a fluxgate compass, GPS receiver, and inclinometer for elevation and polarisation adjustment. Tracking functions like step-track and TLE for NORAD data are supported and can be automatically activated after fine pointing of the antenna.

The ESA FI-02-C-RT-05 is developed to safeguard C-band satellite communication channels from 5G and radar interference, offering low insertion loss and customisable options to specific frequency and temperature ranges.

Also showcased at GovSatCom 2024 was the Hiltron Drive-Away transportable satellite link, introduced in December. This system, designed for applications requiring high precision connectivity, includes a segmented parabolic antenna with a motorised steering mount, control electronics, and antenna heating and de-icing, according to the manufacturer. System supervision is managed through Hiltron’s HACU antenna control unit, while all related electronics are housed in a weatherproof steel cabinet, company continues, and the platform is designed to withstand varying environmental conditions and can be easily loaded onto a standard container truck using an onboard crane.

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