How Optimized Encoding and Delivery Power Next-Gen Live Streaming Applications

Verstreamer 4K solution from Videon

Innovative approaches to encoding and delivery of live streaming content are enabling a new generation of interactive services around auctions, betting, esports, and live events. The integration and optimization of versatile encoding solutions from Videon and ultra-low-latency (ULL) live streaming cloud technology from nanocosmos now make it possible — even easy — to achieve one-second end-to-end latency, with two-way active engagement, in live streaming applications.

As a leading provider of interactive live streaming solutions for businesses, nanocosmos enables ultra-low-latency live streaming and supports plugin-free delivery and playback on any device or HTML5 browser, including Safari on iOS. H5Live is part of nanoStream Cloud, a scalable live streaming solution and ULL CDN with a global footprint.

Videon is a developer and provider of world class 4K and HD encoding and streaming solutions that enable prosumers, broadcasters and pro AV professionals to move media easily from any source to any screen. The company’s highly versatile streaming encoder solutions include the VersaStreamer 4k which supports industry asked for features such as three simultaneous RTMP outputs.

nanocosmos and Videon have worked jointly to optimize the integration between nanoStream Cloud and H5Live technology and Videon’s highly flexible streaming platform. Within the live streaming workflow, the Videon platform accepts both HDMI and SDI sources, which in turn feed encoded video to nanoStream Cloud and the H5Live player. Platform operators, content creators, and OEMs can use this integrated solution and resulting live streaming workflow to quickly develop and deploy new applications with complete confidence in the interface between their on-premises ingest equipment and the cloud.

With low latency being taken to new extremes, the industry is on the edge of a new era in content delivery and consumption. True interactivity in live streaming applications is becoming a reality. Companies both large and small can quickly deploy an ultra-low-latency live streaming platform to support a wide range of interactive applications, venturing into new services and new revenue-generation models.

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