Hue Dada! Productions renews its identity in Dada! Animation and offers new services based on innovative technology

Hue Dada! Productions has recently changed its name and identity: Dada! Animation. Founded in 2019 by animation, video game and special effects professionals, the company has produced a number of original animated works, creative 3D animation projects and virtual reality experiences.

Our new graphic identity inspired by the technical-artistic movement and Tinguely’s machines embodies our ability to integrate the latest technological advances such as real-time, AI, style transfer, photogrammetry … to the service of a constantly evolving creative process,” says Jérôme Mouscadet, Director and Co-executive Producer of Dada! Animation.

The newly launched animation studio has released a brochure of new services. Dada! Animation decompartmentalises and democratises animation using new technologies such as real-time rendering and virtual production.

Quentin Auger, Head of Innovation of Dada! Animation explains, “The benefits and advantages of real-time 3D production tools revolutionise the entire entertainment industry, particularly 3D animation. The first gain is an acceleration of production times. Many steps can be drastically accelerated, like rendering and compositing times being divided by 200 to 300. ‘Retakes’ or creative adjustments can be reduced by almost 50% in certain departments, making iterations easier.”

Auger adds that AI and machine learning tools are also easing low value-added and/or tedious jobs up, as well as surprisingly being of great inspirational help in the most creative tasks. “When 3D animation is ported into game engines as we do, the interactive virtual production necessary for immersive exploitations, the creation of avatars and metaverse environments are also at your fingertips. Consequently, the 360° exploitation of digital assets such as the production of apps and the gamification of content is greatly facilitated. These new technologies are constantly evolving and opening an exciting creative field for the entire industry.”

From pre-production to post-production, Dada! Animation directs and produces the CGI animated sequences for the interstitial programme, Les Hoofs de Tfou, currently aired on TFOU (TF1). The studio also collaborates with Seppia on lls étaient des Millions (They Were Millions), a hybrid animated documentary around the great European migrations in the 18th and 19th centuries. On the VR side, the studio works with Virtual Journey to develop Lady Liberty, a virtual reality experience around Victor Hugo’s visit to Bartholdi’s workshops during the manufacture of the Statue of Liberty.

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