Ideal Systems creates a virtual studio for Malaysian network SUKE TV based on NDI

Ideal Systems has recently built a TV studio in Kuala Lumpur for SUKE TV. This broadcast network was launched by Dato’ AC Mizal and it aims to deliver original content of all genres for Malaysian TVs and digital mediums. It was launched in April 2022 and is a Free-To-Air home shopping and general entertainment channel. SUKE TV airs on the Malaysian national Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform as well as streaming.

Founder and Chairman, Dato AC Mizal, said; “It’s been my dream as an artist to have my own TV station.”

The studio was designed to create and produce local programming and entertainment content and present opportunities for local celebrities, public figures, social influencers, entrepreneurs as well as micro sellers to showcase their products on TV.

Ideal Systems was selected by SUKE TV because the company could provide a one-stop-shop for the design and build of the TV studio including all TV Network’s broadcast and transmission systems as a single turn-key project.

The infrastructure is based on NDI. This protocol-based cameras feed to a Tricaster TC1 from NewTek for switching, recording and running the virtual studio and the latest Kslim LED video wall from Unilumin which is 4mX2.5m. Ideal have deployed Xplayout for playout, Xingest for Ingest and YouPlay for studio playout all from Axel Technology and also uses Aximmetry virtual studio and 3D graphics. This solution has an option to run Unreal Engine which is also NDI enabled. For the transmission, encoding and decoding for contribution and streaming the system will use Kiloview SRT and NDI encoding systems.

Sofiyant Neo, Director Media & Creative Content for Ideal Systems said, “I have been working very closely with our Technology Director Updesh Singh and his team to leverage the latest technologies to help Dato AC Mizal realise their dreams of creating great content and ensuring the market impact and success of SUKE TV”.

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