Ikegami introduces HDK-X500 3-CMOS HD portable camera system at IBC 2024

Ikegami is set to unveil its latest addition to the broadcast-quality production equipment lineup, the HDK-X500 HD portable camera system, at IBC 2024 in Amsterdam RAI convention center. This versatile camera system will be showcased at stand 12.A31 from Friday, September 13 to Monday, September 16.

Gisbert Hochguertel, Ikegami Europe Product Specialist, highlights the versatility of the HDK-X500: “This camera is designed to excel in a wide range of applications. It can easily transition from studio setups on pedestals, to sports coverage on tripods, to location shoots on shoulders. At its core are three state-of-the-art 2/3-inch CMOS sensors with global shutter architecture, ensuring natural image capture even in challenging environments. It eliminates geometric distortion during still-frame replay of fast-moving objects and avoids flash bands when capturing strobe-lit stages or flash photography.”

“The HDK-X500 incorporates our advanced AXII digital processor, delivering superior picture quality, reliability, lower power consumption, and enhanced functionality. It features automatic optical vignetting correction across OVC-compatible B4 bayonet mount zoom lenses and remote back focus adjustment.”

“To manage ambient lighting effectively, the camera is equipped with a dual neutral-density and colour-compensation filter system, similar to our high-end models. The colour-compensation filter wheel includes space for custom effect filters or an additional optical low-pass filter, reducing aliasing in challenging conditions, particularly useful for shooting LED walls.”

“The HDK-X500 also includes a 16-axis colour corrector for precise scene matching or colour effects. Chroma and hue levels can be adjusted individually within these axes in real time, supporting both standard programme production and colour matching across multiple cameras.”

“Like other models in the Ikegami UNICAM-XE family, the HDK-X500 adheres to ITU-R BT.2020 specifications, offering a wider colour space than conventional HD. Combined with the CMOS sensors’ wide dynamic range, it supports brilliant HDR imaging using the HLG opto-electronic transfer function per ITU-R BT.2100, ensuring detailed reproduction from bright highlights to deep shadows. Optional OETFs such as PQ and S-LOG are also available.”

“Technical specifications include a horizontal resolution of 1,000 TVL (typical centre resolution at 5% modulation), a typical signal-to-noise ratio of 62 dB, and F12 sensitivity (1080/50p). The HDK-X500 supports high frame-rate capture at 2x speed (1080i at 100 Hz) or low-frame-rate capture (1080p/23.98, 25, 29.97), available via software licenses.”

“Accessories for the HDK-X500 include a range of monocular and studio viewfinders, remote camera controllers (OCP-100/OCP-300/OCP-500), a 4K-UHD upscaler, and an ST2110 media-over-IP interface for the BSX-100 base station.”

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