Ikegami elevates broadcasting with UHK-X600 4K solution

Ikegami keeps walking towards 4K-native broadcast production, with a focus on 2160p 4K-UHD as the preferred mastering format for television production companies

The recently announced UHK-X600 multi-format portable camera addresses the demand for durable and future-proof solutions, offering an upgrade from HD to UHD through a license-key based option. This camera supports 2x, 3x, and 4x high-frame-rate capture in HD, with optional 4K format (3840×2160/50p) providing 2000 TVL resolution. Additional options include a SMPTE ST 2110 compatible media-over-IP interface board and 12G outputs.

Alan Keil, Vice President and Director of Engineering at Ikegami Electronics (USA), Inc., emphasizes the importance of the license-key option, allowing customers to invest in solutions that align with their current business model without risking obsolescence. The shift to 4K-UHD is particularly relevant in the USA, where ATSC 3.0 offers potential for terrestrial and satellite-based 2160p direct-to-home transmission.

Gisbert Hochguertel, Ikegami Europe Product Specialist, highlights the added advantage of high-frame-rate video capture for applications like slow-motion sports and wildlife documentaries. With the growing popularity of HDR in streaming services such as Apple TV Plus, Netflix, and Prime Video, the UHK-X600 supports Hybrid Log Gamma and offers flexibility in selecting BT.2020 and BT.709 color spaces. Global shutter imagers minimize artifacts when televising LED screen walls or flash/strobe illuminated stage environments.

The UHK-X600, an extension of Ikegami’s Unicam XE product line, is designed for studio, OB applications, and battery-powered over-the-shoulder location production. Featuring three 2/3-inch CMOS global shutter imagers, it delivers 1000 TVL resolution, minimal aliasing, and high sensitivity. Measuring 34 x 24.5 x 15.5 cm and weighing 5 kg, the camera accepts all B4 ENG/EFP-lenses, supporting chromatic aberration correction, vignetting correction, ramping compensation, and remote control of backfocus when supported by the lens.

The UHK-X700, an extension of the UHK-X600, includes UHD-frame rate operation as a standard feature and can operate in 4K/UHD 2x speed or in Full HD format at up to 8x speed. Sales highlights include purchases by CERTV in the Dominican Republic and RE:LIVE Productions in Singapore.

“RE:LIVE Productions has operated Ikegami HDK-55 camera systems successfully for the past five years,” comments Yasunori Kanno, President of Ikegami APAC.

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