Innomedia and Dream Chip boost DEL’s viewer experience with camera installation

Innomedia and Dream Chip have successfully supplied 56 cameras to the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL), focusing on enhancing the viewing experience and aiding referee decision-making

The installations, featuring two over-goal AtomOne cameras and two in-goal AtomOne mini air cameras in each of the 14 German ice hockey stadiums, aimed to address technical, logistical, and operational concerns while ensuring image quality. The initiative responds to the need for state-of-the-art delivery, especially in supporting referees in assessing whether the puck has crossed the line, besides enhancing the immersive gameplay footage for audiences.

Key aspects of the project include the precision and consistency of mounting the InGoal camera, which is demounted for pre-game warm-up and reinstalled during the short break before face-off. The AtomOne mini air, chosen for its small, lightweight, and robust qualities, delivers crisp HD images with exceptional clarity, weighing only 25 grams and with a size of 30mm³. The cameras underwent rigorous testing against direct shots of 170kph to ensure durability during intense shocks.

The project’s complexity arises from the need for separate locations for referee review and production activities. The developed system manages data centrally, converting it from SDI to fiber for distribution to various locations, including review rooms, rink-side bench screens, the VideoCube, production vans, and off-site production. According to both companies, now the central exchange point allows remote access capabilities for off-site production, diagnosis, configuration, support, and maintenance.

In terms of camera control, Innomedia leverages Dream Chip’s open protocol control software to enable intuitive, precise control without tying future broadcasters to proprietary management systems. The control offered by Dream Chip, particularly great in terms of white balance, is crucial for ice hockey, enhancing contrast between the black puck and white ice.

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