International Tennis Federation will manage its archive of 15,000 assets with Imagen

Stock image news Imagen and International Tennis Federation

Imagen has been chosen by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the world governing body of tennis, to manage and distribute its extensive content archive of 15,000 assets dating back to the 1940s from the Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions.

Following a project in which the ITF digitized its content catalogue, which previously existed only in physical copies across multiple formats, including VHS, betacam, SD and HD tapes and 2K film, the ITF engaged Imagen to store, manage and share its content in order to generate more value from its assets and actively commercialise content. The Imagen content portal provides the ITF’s internal teams with instant access to high-resolution video from its entire archive. 

Imagen platform allows the Federation to distribute content to its partners, manage clip sales and asset licensing, and leverage archive content for digital campaigns to maximize its value. In addition, Imagen Media Logger permits the ITF to apply time-based metadata to its video, making it quicker to search for specific types of clip, including fan reactions, bench moments or aces. The customisable platform also enables the ITF to target certain clients with relevant content. In future, the platform will allow the ITF to provide access to content to its member nations in order for them to use it for regional promotional materials.

Kelly Fairweather, ITF Chief Operating Officer said: “Imagen was the clear market leader in this field and offered a wealth of expertise and knowledge when it came to getting this project underway. Imagen listened to what we aspired to achieve with this project and came up with a bespoke solution that we felt was ideal and has allowed us to exploit the maximum benefit from our content.”

Charlie Horrell, CEO, Imagen, added: “With extensive experience of working with other sporting bodies, we have in-depth knowledge of how organisations like the ITF use content and its value to their businesses. Thanks to this we were able to ensure we catered to the ITF’s exact needs, whilst also introducing them to other services and ideas which have worked for other clients.”

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