intoPIX showcases the benefits of its TicoXS FIP compression algorithm at CES Las Vegas 2023

intoPIX has unveiled a new technical advance in this industrie. Recently, the company has shown at CES Las Vegas 2023 its TicoXS FIP compression algorithm that combines the JPEG XS Codec with a Flawless Image Profile – FIP – and a dedicated error concealment feature.

TicoXS FIP helps connect displays wirelessly with a latency below 1 millisecond and a lossless quality without friction. The technology is not limited to HD or 4K, it already supports high frame rates and 8K. The protocol is especially good in WiFi-6 or 60Ghz transmission networks. Also, as it is already said, is efficient carrying 4K and 8K over a gigabit network.

“With the lightweight TicoXS FIP silicon cores, 4K & 8K audiovisual contents can be deployed with super low latency and lossless quality on gigabit ethernet cables as well as WiFi-6 and other wireless technologies. We are excited to show a level of quality, bandwidth and latency that was not achievable until now using traditional technologies,” explains Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Director Marketing and Sales.

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