ITV migrates its media processing operations to cloud with Telestream

ITV migrates its media processing operations to cloud with Telestream

Telestream has announced an agreement with ITV to migrate several of its current on-premise media processing operations into the Cloud. This collaboration prepares the network to deliver BritBox UK VoD content on Amazon Prime Video Channels.

According to both companies statement, these projects started before the Covid-19 Pandemic. ITV brought back the content processing operations that were delivered by third-party services. During that process, the British network realise its need to implement a Cloud solution and called Telestream for it.

ITV is expanding its use of Telestream Cloud Services for content processing as their VoD requirements grow in support of the B2C digital strategy. A recent increase in workload included encoding over 7000 hours of content for the launch of BritBox UK on Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Furthermote, the network has also acquired Telestream’s GLIM remote media player, which allows remote staff to view and validate content directly from AWS S3 storage without the need for downloading proxy versions.

“This is a key feature that has saved us time and money from day one.  Telestream’s biggest asset is that its tools can be used agnostically across all major public cloud providers,” commented James French, Content Processing Team Lead at ITV.

“Telestream’s involvement in assisting ITV to migrate to cloud processing from a large on-prem existing estate shows our intentions to move with our customers’ needs and to continue our joint partnership,” commented Benjamin Desbois, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer at Telestream.

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