James Stevens selects Ross Video’s XPression for its new graphics-focused trailer

James Stevens - Graphics freelancer - XPression

A long-standing user of Ross Video’s XPression real-time graphics platform, James Stevens (graphics freelancer) watched the emergence and spread of the COVID pandemic and realized it would call for a new way of working. That’s when he decided to purchase a custom-built 10×8.5 ft trailer and convert it into a dedicated graphics suite, fully equipped.

“Last year, it very quickly became apparent that TV production workflows would need to adapt to allow for social distancing protocols,” James noted. “Production trucks were no longer able to accommodate the usual twelve to twenty operators and crew.  So, I made a decision to create my own mobile workspace. It allowed me to keep working, keep my clients on-air and keep everyone safe!”

“My rolling office features customizable I/O configurations, primary and backup 4-channel HD and single-channel UHD XPression Studio 10 systems, Inception Social – Ross Video’s social media management solution, 65-inch multi-view screens, UPS backups, and spacious accommodation for two crew members,” he added.

James has taken his mobile graphics suite across the United States and worked on a number of shows in 2020, including The Game Awards. According to Russell ‘Spud’ Murphy, Technical Manager at Spudtek in LA, “This really is the best mobile graphics production suite available today – it’s very easy to integrate into any size of production and it’s the perfect solution for today’s COVID restrictions. I have no hesitation in booking this suite for any show.”

Patrick Twomey, Director of Product Management for XPression, applauds James Stevens’ initiative: “Most people working in live production are resourceful and creative,” he comments. “That goes with the territory. James has really taken this a step further by investing in a solution that meets the challenges of the pandemic head on and enables him to work safely and efficiently with only minimal contact with other production staff. At Ross, we always say that challenging times call for innovative thinking, and James embodies that principle. We’re delighted that he’s chosen to make XPression his solution of choice and wish him continued success. I’m sure he’s going to remain very busy for quite some time to come.”

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