Krave Media’s MTRSPT1 Channel boosts its live sporting events’ distribution to CTV platforms with Amagi


Krave Media and Amagi, company specialized in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV (CTV), have establish an alliance in order to power motorsports channel, MTRSPT1, Krave Media’s flagship, for distribution of live events to leading CTV platforms such as Sling, LG Europe, Xiaomi, Samsung Australia and others.

Launched early in September, the channel uses Amagi LIVE to orchestrate premium live sporting events and Amagi CLOUDPORT for broadcast-grade, cloud-based playout. By enabling global motorsports fans to watch live racing, this technology has helped Krave Media ultimately impulse the motorsports streaming experience.

MTRSPT1 is a 24/7 live sports channel delivering premium motorsports entertainment to a worldwide audience. Amagi CLOUDPORT enables Krave Media to simplify programming and streamline content workflows for CTV by offering comprehensive programming features. In conjunction with this tool, Amagi LIVE allows the media company to remotely manage and dynamically produce diverse live event segments with low latency for their 24/7 linear channel.

This partnership with Amagi has addressed several key challenges faced by Krave Media; according to its claims, the company sought a technology partner capable of delivering high-quality playout, supporting live sporting events on a weekly basis for multiple motorsport racing events, and distributing content to a wide range of CTV platforms. 

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