Alaskan broadcaster KTOO 360TV integrates Riedel’s MediorNet at the core of its infrastructure

KTOO 360TV, a public TV channel based in Juneau, Alaska, that broadcasts coverage of all three branches of government proceedings from the Alaska Capitol building, has recently announced Riedel’s solution MediorNet is at the heart of its new installation.

The signal distribution and processing system connects six buildings across this place, a town physically isolated by mountains and water, and ties into KTOO 360TV’s main router system to handle all video and audio inputs.

The MediorNet deployment was part of a larger project that brought new robotic cameras and high-definition video production equipment to the four control rooms used to produce “Gavel Alaska” just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program brings the state legislature closer to people in the vast and sometimes hard-to-reach areas of Alaska that were further isolated during the pandemic.

“Without this new installation and the addition of MediorNet, we don’t know how we would have done coverage, as there would not have been a safe way to proceed,” said Mikko Wilson, Production Manager at KTOO 360TV. “With our new remote camera setup and ability to work remotely and distributed across campus, we managed to do full legislative coverage without any incidents. The system is completely hands-off.”

The MediorNet system includes 15 MicroN devices interconnected with high-speed fiber links, and these nodes are distributed throughout the KTOO 360TV and legislature control rooms, as well as the Capitol building. Inside the Capitol, MediorNet connects all SDI feeds from each meeting room while providing return feeds, a full two-way link between the two control facilities, and a connection to a nearby state museum.

Together, the Riedel MediorNet and legacy routing systems provide 300 SDI inputs and outputs, with more than 4,500 channels of audio routing. Capitol’s inputs are grouped by room using a series of presets. With just a few taps on a Riedel RSP-2318 SmartPanel at each control position, production teams can instantly route inputs as needed for any production. The system was launched in HD 1080i but is fully 3G-SDI ready.

“The quality of coverage has gone up a lot. We used to miss events because of setup time. Now, what used to take 15 minutes or more to move from one room to another only takes two button presses,” Wilson says. “The system is very easy to use and flexible. We now have access to more content, such as multiple views of camera images and direct access to computers to share PowerPoints.”

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