Lawo announces “MAX”, a new software license package for Power Core AoIP mixing engine and I/O node

Rack unit Lawo PowerCore SFP VRO

Lawo has presented a new software license package for its Power Core AoIP mixing engine and I/O node: Power Core MAX. “MAX”, short for Multiple Access, makes it possible for a single Power Core device to be the mixing engine for multiple on-air mixing consoles.

Power Core offers dual -redundant front-panel AES67 ports can accommodate up to 128 streams with a total of 256 audio channels. Four front-panel MADI ports can handle 64 MADI channels each, for a total of 256 channels, or 128 MADI channels in dual-redundant mode. Meanwhile, 8 rear-panel expansion slots allow mixing-and-matching analog line, AES3, Mic, MADI with sample-rate conversion, and Dante interface cards to allow tailoring a custom I/O load to “nearly any operational requirement”. A unique Studio I/O card supplies mic inputs plus headphone and monitor outputs in a single space.

Power Core also has processing capabilities. 96 DSP channels allow sweetening and processing of large groups of audio signals; in addition, it has 2,000 routing cross-points. ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching provides dual-redundant AoIP network connections to ensure against network link interruption.

Four upgradeable license packages are available:

  • The new Power Core MAX package, with support for up to 254 physical and virtual faders, 96 channels of DSP (EQ, dynamics, compression and limiting), 32 channels of bus DSP processing, VisTool Standard touchscreen GUI control, 1920 x 1920 routing matrix, a 78-station Intercom matrix, and support for up to 4 independent connected mixing surfaces. It works with outfitting multiple studios with small or medium-sized consoles.
  • Power Core XL, with all the features of MAX enabled for a single console. This package is meant for network operations, master control rooms, or large, busy main studios with multiple input sources.
  • Power Core L, matched to the requirements of single medium- and small-console studios, can accommodate up to 64 AES67 streams and 128 MADI streams, 128 physical and virtual faders (including utility software mini-mixer), 48 channels of DSP audio shaping, 16 channels of bus processing, and a 1728 x 1728 routing matrix.
  • Power Core SAN for configuring Power Core as a high-capacity networked audio I/O gateway with limited DSP processing capabilities.

In addition to being 100% AES67 compliant, Power Core also features ST2022-7 network redundancy via dual active front-panel SFP ports. Furthermore, Power Core has ST2110-30 compliance.

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