Lawo presents Home, its new management platform for IP media infrastructures

Lawo presents Home, its new management platform for IP media infrastructures

Lawo has released Home, its new management platform for IP based media infrastructures. The new solution provides remote solutions as is based on a cloud-ready architecture. Also, it enables centralized access and control for the rest of the Lawo products without a setup.

The new platform is based on open standards such as ST2110, NMOS, IEEE802.1x and RADIUS. Its UI is based on LUX, a language common to all the devices of the company. For the security, the platform uses two strategies. The first one, it doesn’t allow unknown devices to exchange information until they are approved via a IEEE802.1X-based routine. Secondly, Home uses an authentication strategy based on a centralized user management system. The LDAP based service allows users to authenticate either locally – within Home – or via their own corporate IT infrastructure.

“In today’s IP project implementations, the physical build and cabling is only half of the way. The other half consists of configuration. Home significantly increases efficiency in setting up IP system installs” says Axel Kern, Lawo’s Senior Product Manager Media Infrastructure Control.

Kern also addressed: “Broadcasters and service providers are faced with constantly changing production demands, and setups need to adapt, no matter if on-premise or off-premise, local or remote, or even cloud. This new management platform provides the architecture for our customers to scale with their agile business requirements.”

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