Lawo HOME platform adds NMOS and JPEG-XS support

The Lawo’s management platform for IP-based media infrastructures has recently succeeded JT-NM Test obtaining NMOS compatibility.

Through the API-based “lives@HOME” program, any third-party device can make all desired parameters accessible for control on the network. This is an addition to HOME, and others are Signal Rights Management for audio parameters that are accessible from several control surfaces but can be configured to be adjustable only from one control surface; and System Health, i.e. status information about a system’s components with centrally logged information, warning and error entries for convenient monitoring during normal operation.

HOME functionality furthermore includes multi-essence stream grouping that allows operators to bundle all relevant ST2110 video, audio and metadata flows. This functionality is also available for other products.

Lawo also announces a module app for its constantly evolving V__matrix platform. it provides comprehensive ST2110 compatibility for interoperability, and it offers higher video compression ratios. vm_jpegXS supports compression ratios between 5:1 and 36:1 and offers 4x encoding + 4x decoding from, and to, JPEG XS (ST2110-22). Uncompressed signals can be interfaced with SMPTE ST2110, ST 2022-6 or SDI. vm_jpegXS is a versatile audio and video tool with ample processing and glue functionality for V__matrix applications.

SMPTE ST2022-7 seamless protection switching, ST2110-30/31 support for IP audio interfacing, and ST2110-40 compatibility for ancillary data as well as IP stream format conversion, and frame-accurate video switching using destination-timed clean and quiet switching (MBB and BBM) with audio V-fades are provided as standard.

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