Lawo mc²36 provides Audio-over-IP solutions in BH music productions

Lawo mc²36 to provide Audio-over-IP solutions in BH music productions

BH, a rental company specialized in jazz productions, has acquired the Lawo’s new mc²36 audio production console, becoming the first customer and continuing with a relationship between both companies that goes back for years.

BH provides equipment to the Ravenna festival of classic music, among other important venues. mc²36 natively supports SMPTE ST2110-30, AES67, and provides an I/O capacity of 864 channels including Local I/O connectivity.

“We utilize our mc²36 consoles for highly respected musical events that attract the most discriminating audiences,” said BH Massimo Carli, who oversees the Ravenna Festival system setup, “ for our new equipment we wanted a console based on advanced Audio-over-IP technology which provides crystal clear sound, flexibility in terms of workflow optimization, and the reliability which is crucial for every sound engineer in live music setups. Even under stress and during hours or days of work in the heat or cold, Lawo consoles never show signs of anomalies or problems. And regarding customization, I daresay that this is a virtually ‘infinite’ console, where the operator can manage whatever he has in mind, and whatever he wants to do, at will.”

Lucas Zwicker, Lawo’s Senior Technical Product Manager, Audio Production notes a significant advantage: “The new mc²36 is powered by our latest A__UHD Core technology and provides a total number of 256 DSP channels. This increased DSP power is vital under pandemic regulations which require one microphone per musician. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, 60 to 80 channels were required for orchestral music productions, now up to 100 channels and more can easily be required.”

“It’s also important to us that the mc²36 can integrate third-party-solutions and Waves MultiRack / SuperRack. At the Ravenna festival, we experimented even before its official launch with d&b Audiotechnik’s Soundscape immersive live audio technology”, explains Carli. “The mc²36 gives you endless possibilities to prepare your layout, and you can change and modify it easily and quickly without interrupting the sound or going into ‘dangerous’ operation. With most of my jobs, you have to add channels or change routing or something right up until the last second – or even during the event itself. With the mc²36, it is never a problem.”

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