Lawo expands NDI support with advanced capabilities and NDI6 integration in HOME apps

Lawo has disclosed a significant expansion of its NDI support within the Lawo HOME Apps family. This expansion includes the incorporation of NDI Advanced capabilities and the future integration of the latest NDI 6 technology.

Lawo’s HOME Apps already boasted comprehensive support for the entire NDI ecosystem, encompassing formats like NDI High Bandwidth, NDI HX, and NDI HX3. This comprehensive support enables users to seamlessly integrate a diverse array of NDI-enabled devices, including cameras, converters, video mixers, graphics systems, and capture cards, into their production workflows.

What’s more, the Lawo HOME Apps now offer support for multichannel audio transmission via NDI, unlocking the full potential of NDI with the introduction of the latest member of the Lawo HOME App family: the HOME mc² DSP app.

In addition to these expanded NDI capabilities, Lawo has also announced forthcoming support for the latest update, NDI 6, by the HOME Apps family, which will be made available in a future software release. NDI 6 introduces several significant enhancements, including 10-bit color depth and support for High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) video.

Phil Myers, Chief Technology Officer at Lawo, elaborated on the company’s expanding HOME Apps offering, stating, “Lawo’s goal is to empower broadcasters by providing them with the production tools they need to craft compelling stories from a vast array of options. The addition of advanced NDI support and NDI 6 integration underscores our commitment to offering customers flexible and future-proof production solutions.”

Charles Steinkuehler, Director of Technology at NDI, expressed enthusiasm about Lawo’s decision to expand support for NDI, highlighting the benefits of the NDI 6 core update for professional broadcast and beyond. He stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Lawo to the NDI Advanced family and look forward to seeing what their customers can achieve with the full power of our connectivity technology.”

The Lawo HOME Apps with NDI Advanced support have received praise for their deployment in mission-critical infrastructures all over the global industry.

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