Viriginia-based Liberty University upgrades its radio system and network with Calrec

The technical infrastructure of the Liberty University of Virginia has been upgraded with Calrec equipment. There is a trio of new consoles: Artemis and Brio, and remote possibilities with Calrec’s VP2 mixing system. The university already uses Type R for Radio, Summa, Artemis and Brio consoles, but now it has expanded its network. The integration has been made by DVG.

The Calrec equipment is used across a variety of live and pre-recorded sports and entertainment shows as well as giving students broadcast audio training on industry standard technology.

Type R for Radio was purchased as part of a new radio studio build and is being used for live radio shows and podcast recordings. The second Brio was purchased to upgrade a smaller control room, and the second Artemis replaced a Summa console, which was moved into Liberty’s mobile production unit.

Louis James, Manager of Broadcast Operations at Liberty University, added, “based on what we experienced and learned while doing production during the Covid-19 pandemic, we purchased VP2 for our Artemis consoles so that it can handle remote shows more flexibly.”

Josh Roberts, Director of Broadcast Communications at Liberty University, said, “Calrec’s shared Hydra2 router core gives us the flexibility to adapt to whatever we are tasked with so we’re able to accomplish a lot of different projects with little lead time. Also, the integration with Evertz via Hydra2 to TDM allows us to have 1,024 channels going from our six Calrec consoles to our router. This provides an incredible amount of versatility.”

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