Limecraft pioneers media intelligence and enhanced collaboration ahead of NAB Show 2024

The technological company announced the inminent release of a new upgrade for its collaborative platform next Tuesday, March 26th 

As the countdown to NAB Show Las Vegas begins, Limecraft, a company specialized in mediatech innovation, urges the industry to reconsider its approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and shift the narrative towards its beneficial applications.

Nico Oorts, Limecraft’s VP of Product, emphasizes, “There’s a prevalent tendency within the industry to view AI through a negative lens. The discourse often fixates on the fear of AI replacing human roles and leading to skill erosion. Instead of fixating on Artificial Intelligence, we should embrace the concept of Media Intelligence, leveraging technology to streamline repetitive tasks and liberate creativity in storytelling.”

Acknowledging legitimate concerns regarding the implementation of generative AI in creative domains, Limecraft asserts its belief in the technology’s potential to enhance efficiency.

Maarten Verwaest, co-founder of Limecraft, remarks, “The industry has perpetually wrestled with the challenges of technology adoption and operational efficiency – nothing novel there. Media Intelligence has the capacity to automate and expedite numerous processes, crucial as content creators and broadcasters navigate escalating content volumes.”

Verwaest continues, “Whether it’s harnessing facial, speech, or character recognition within your Media Asset Management (MAM) system to expedite content searches, or automating subtitle generation and versioning, this dynamic technology offers myriad avenues for the industry to optimize content management and monetization. As pioneers in integrating AI into our platform, we’ve consistently demonstrated its ability to empower storytellers and amplify content reach and value. When implemented judiciously, the benefits are unparalleled.”

Another focal point for Limecraft at NAB Show is real-time collaboration, a necessity amplified by the paradigm shift towards remote work catalyzed by the pandemic.

Joris Claes, Limecraft’s CEO, observes, “The landscape has evolved post-pandemic, with remote work becoming the norm. Mere content sharing no longer suffices – the industry requires robust collaboration tools that streamline workflows, facilitating accelerated work-in-progress reviews, approvals, and content dissemination.”

In light of broadcasters and content producers grappling with intricate supply chains and unprecedented content volumes, particularly in the realm of short-form content, Limecraft’s imminent platform update (2024.2, scheduled for release on March 26, 2024) prioritizes enhanced sharing and collaboration capabilities, the company stated.

“Our revamped platform boasts genuine bidirectional content sharing and comprehensive multi-channel audio support, indispensable in today’s global content arena where versioning and localization reign supreme,” Claes affirms. “We eagerly anticipate engaging with NAB Show attendees to unveil our latest platform iteration and elucidate how Limecraft can revolutionize content production and delivery workflows.”

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