Limecraft to introduce Media Intelligence solutions at IBC 2024

As the countdown to IBC 2024 in Amsterdam continues, Limecraft is set to welcome attendees to visit booth 7.D11 for a firsthand look at innovative tools designed to enhance the planning, creation, and collaboration processes for media content producers. As the company states, with a decade-long involvement in AI-driven solutions, Limecraft advocates for the smarter integration of AI in media and production, promoting what they term as Media Intelligence.

Reflecting on their early adoption of AI technology, Limecraft co-founder Maarten Verwaest remarked, “The industry’s fascination with AI began a couple of years ago, but our journey spans over a decade. AI has been central to Limecraft’s inception, revolutionizing workflows by automating arduous and repetitive tasks. However, traditional AI applications often fall short in delivering accurate results due to their generic design not tailored for original content production.” Verwaest continued, “In contrast, Media Intelligence combines AI capabilities with human inputs like scripts and production briefs. Through meticulous normalization, we achieve high-confidence scores and multi-modal indexing that empower editorial decision-making.”

Nico Oorts, Head of Product at Limecraft, identified three primary challenges faced by their clients: “Planning complex productions involves designing, customizing, and automating workflows. Creating content necessitates efficient ingestion, content management, and retrieval. Collaborating in real-time requires functionalities such as pre-cutting, tagging, and editing with instant feedback.” Limecraft integrates Media Intelligence across these domains within its unified platform, streamlining operations, enhancing efficiencies, and ensuring precision in outcomes.

Another key focus for Limecraft at IBC revolves around hybrid storage solutions. Maarten Verwaest explained, “The vision of a seamless, high-performance cloud editing and storage environment remains elusive. Many high-volume content producers grapple with choosing between cost-effective local storage and the flexibility of cloud solutions, despite their recurring expenses.” Limecraft’s solution, Cloud Connector, bridges this gap by offering a secure local software agent that facilitates seamless two-way uploads and downloads to Limecraft’s central platform. Verwaest emphasized, “This hybrid approach empowers our customers to store content wherever they prefer—locally, in the cloud, or both—without compromising on performance, flexibility, or cost-efficiency.”

Throughout IBC 2024, Limecraft will showcase these innovations at booth 7.D11.

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