Limecraft and OOONA forge partnership to deliver advanced AI subtitling

Pioneering mediatech companies Limecraft and OOONA have recently announced a collaboration that integrates Limecraft’s robust Media Intelligence into OOONA’s media localization platform.

Limecraft pioneered fully automated AI subtitling in the industry and has perfected its spotting algorithm over time. According to the company, esteemed broadcasters and streaming platforms are already reaping significant time and cost benefits from its solution, enabling the creation of high-quality subtitles from transcripts with a single button press.

As content producers generate ever-expanding volumes of content and seek to broaden its reach, semi-automated processes have proven to be more efficient and cost-effective for subtitle production. Recent assessments indicate that the Limecraft and OOONA combination reduces subtitle creation time by up to 80%, both companies state.

“When we initially engaged with OOONA, we were on the verge of achieving a remarkable 2% error rate in dialogue accuracy,” remarks Maarten Verwaest, Limecraft’s co-founder. “Since then, we have surpassed that milestone, offering industry-leading levels of accuracy and, consequently, efficiency. We are delighted that our solution is being integrated into the OOONA toolkit, reaching an even broader user base. Customers shouldn’t have to grapple with the technical integration of individual applications. Both OOONA and Limecraft are dedicated to delivering seamless integration in terms of performance and user experience. By tackling technical complexities, we empower our users to focus on more creative endeavors.”

“We are constantly enhancing the automation capabilities in our toolkit,” states Alex Yoffe, OOONA Tools Product Manager. “Human language technologies play a pivotal role in this endeavor: speech recognition, machine translation, and synthetic voices, to name a few.”

“Limecraft has excelled in providing top-tier speech recognition technologies for the subtitling domain,” adds Wayne Garb, co-founder and CEO at OOONA. “Through partnerships like this, we are committed to enhancing customer experience and are thrilled to include Limecraft among the third-party technologies accessible to our users.”

Picture: an example of OOONA’s Create Pro graphic user interface
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