LiveU launches its native 5G solution for live streaming: LU300S

The company specializing in remote transmission of video signals LiveU has recently announced its native 5G solution for video transmission: LU300S. The device is capable of transmitting up to 4K 10-bit HDR video.

Based on LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) technology, the unit supports up to six IP connections, including four 5G/4G cellular, WiFi and LAN connections, ensuring reliability even in areas with low cellular coverage.

Its physical characteristics stand out for its small and compact format. It weighs around 900 grams and includes a camera holder, shoulder strap and fanny pack for convenient transport. The unit can be managed both remotely and locally through the device interface.

Supporting LiveU’s move to the cloud, the LU300S integrates into a cloud production ecosystem. Users can live stream signals directly to LiveU’s Matrix IP solution. With dual SIM support, the unit can be converted into a hybrid local/roaming unit for on-the-fly newsgathering.

Samuel Wasserman, CEO and co-founder of LiveU, commented on the launch, “Once again LiveU is bringing technological innovation to a small-footprint broadcast solution. We have seen how the flexibility of the LU300 has enabled customers to drive viewer engagement at a wide variety of sporting, entertainment and other live events.”

On the other hand, he stressed that “this brand new offering encompasses the latest advances in 5G, 4K 10-bit HDR video quality and HEVC encoding for even higher level productions. Providing built-in 5G support, the LU300S offers the highest bandwidth and ultra-low latency. The industry’s most popular field unit, the LU300 has already proven itself in extreme use cases around the world, such as motorsports and airborne firefighting services, and we are excited to see the incredible new opportunities that open up with the LU300S.”

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