LiveU provides live streaming and remote production solution for the Australian Open

LiveU provides live streaming and remote production solution for the Australian Open

LiveU was selected by 5stream to deliver live streaming and remote production solution during the Australian Open of Tennis. The technology enabled an innovative viewer engagement and branding for Mastercard, tournament’s official partner. The equipment and local support was provided by Pacific Live Media, LiveU’s partner.

The key during the Australian Open production was the LiveU’s LU800 production-level. Live 360° feeds were streamed in 4K to Mastercard®’s YouTube channel providing virtual fan experiences with a behind-the-scenes look at the tennis in real-time. The same unit was also used to cover the tournament from multiple angles with high-resolution, fully frame-synced feeds, and as a DataBridge with wireless connectivity for direct high-quality data streams on-the-go.

Mitchell Kalika, General Manager, 5stream, said, “With the social distancing restrictions and subsequent lockdown, we were determined to reach the fans stuck at home with a premium 4K 360° viewing experience. At the same time, we needed a cost-effective solution that was reliable and could easily be used as part of a remote production. In the end, the flexibility and efficiency of the LiveU LU800 solution exceeded our expectations, we simply adjusted it to meet our production needs as we went along, switching between single and multi-camera feeds. It was almost like a swiss army knife with multi-camera, live streaming and DataBridge all on the same device!”

“As full service live streaming experts, 5Stream are truly creative in their use of LiveU technology. This remote production, over the course of 14 days, took the live coverage to a higher level providing an incredible tennis experience for virtual fans at home”, summarized Yaal Eshel, General Manager, LiveU Asia.

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