LiveU’s IP-video ecoSystem facilitates live broadcasts from Pacific Games

The 2023 Pacific Games held in the Solomon Islands achieved successful live broadcasts to viewers across participating countries, thanks to LiveU’s IP-video EcoSystem. Chosen for its cost-efficiency and adaptability, LiveU’s technology, backed by LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport), ensured resilient live broadcasts to various broadcasters and audiences spanning the Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand. LiveU’s team was on-site during the games, offering technical support.

The Pacific Games, established in 1963 and held every four years, foster camaraderie among Pacific Islands and neighboring nations through sports. The event features 24 sports, including archery, athletics, basketball, football, judo, and rugby.

Traditionally, the world feed was satellite-transmitted and centrally produced with selective content. However, organizers turned to LiveU for cost-effective and dependable IP distribution over the open internet using LiveU Matrix’s fully managed service, accommodating multiple feeds from different venues.

LiveU’s compact 5G LU300S encoders were utilized for point-to-point transmission, while LiveU Ingest facilitated cloud recording on-site. The rackmount LiveU Transceivers handled uplinks and point-to-point transmission.

Chris Dredge, Country and Sales Manager – LiveU Pacific, remarked, “It was an honor to be part of these historic Pacific Games, a resounding success that showcases the potential of our EcoSystem. This significant production illustrates how LiveU can replace conventional broadcast methods for major sports events, encompassing live ground contributions, cloud ingest, and diverse distribution approaches.”

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