LTN Global becomes “Advanced Technology Partner” in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

Logo of LTN Global

LTN Global, provider of media technology and video transport network solutions, has announced that it will leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) across its suite of modular offerings. As LTN has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN), the company will leverage AWS to improve video production, advance live feed management and evolve the advertising experience.

The ongoing collaboration with AWS builds on the existing relationships from LTN’s 2019 acquisition of industry pioneers Make.TV, Niles and Crystal Corporation as well as LTN’s fully managed network for IP-based transport. A number of LTN’s products and services already leverage and run on AWS.

“Media companies are increasingly looking at moving playout, transcoding and other elements of the video workflow into the cloud, because of the economic advantages, flexibility and scalability that it provides,” said Malik Khan, LTN Global Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. “AWS has been at the forefront of the cloud computing industry for more than a decade. The deep functionality of AWS that supports our technology will help meet the evolving needs of media companies worldwide.”

LTN Cloud Access extends the reach and “reliability” of the LTN Network on AWS cloud. This enables broadcasters and media companies to implement cloud-based solutions for channel playout, transcoding, streaming and content processing. LTN’s Connect and Cue products are interoperable with AWS Elemental MediaTailor and allow broadcasters to replace ads in OTT feeds by signaling frame-accurate metadata of content in their linear feeds.

Last but not least, LTN’s Live Video Cloud opens hyper-local pathways for video to be shared between content creators, producers, programmers and advertisers with “scale, speed and relevance previously not possible”. Live Video Cloud runs on AWS and supports a range of AWS services such as Amazon Rekognition to enable artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted curation, production and programming.

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