LTN Global expands its partnership with Encompass Digital Media

Logos of LTN Global and Encompass

LTN® Global, provider of transformative media technology and video transport network solutions, and global media services company Encompass Digital Media are expanding their relationship through a new multi-year partnership for managed IP transport and advanced advertising services. As part of this partnership, LTN solutions will be natively integrated into Encompass’ global service infrastructure, including the newly launched Altitude Media Cloud, to create the “first fully-managed, global IP broadcast network”.

Encompass designs, implements, and operates media solutions that capture, process, and deliver its clients’ video and audio content “from any source, in any format”, to “any destination”. In combination with Altitude, LTN’s services will be used to support Encompass’ clients. As a result of the two companies’ new agreement, Encompass will use LTN services on a preferred basis.

“By working together, we are enabling customers to distribute content to more destinations via managed IP, including integration with our newly launched Altitude Media Cloud,” said Encompass CEO Bill Tillson. “Both organizations are adding increased value for customers through investment in innovative technology. Together, we can offer new content customization solutions, such as signaling for ad avails and providing rich metadata for OTT platforms.”

With the capabilities of LTN Connect (stand-alone) and LTN Cue (integrated within the LTN Network), both part of LTN Channel Management services, Encompass can facilitate delivery of relevant, personalized advertising. In addition, Encompass is increasing its usage of LTN Transport for the delivery of the many occasional-use events the company manages, as well as distribution of full-time channels.

“As a leader in origination services worldwide, Encompass is positioned to support media companies everywhere as they embrace new platforms and technologies,” adds LTN Global Executive Chairman Malik Khan. “The LTN services offered by Encompass can provide a bridge for these customers, enabling a smooth migration as they move towards IP terrestrial distribution and leverage new advertising opportunities from OTT and traditional platforms.”

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