Lynx Technik unveils its new Rack Controller for yellobrik Series

Rack controller, new solution designed by Lynx Technik for its yellobrik line

LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, has announced its new Rack Controller, designed to ease the process of controlling, configuring, and updating the yellobrik line of throw-down bricks.

The RCT 1012 is a first of its kind module allowing a facility to combine the control tasks for up to 12 yellobriks housed in a yellobrik rack. Using just a single slot as part of a yellobrik rack system, the RCT 1012 removes the time-consuming job of updating, configuring, and setting parameters of individual yellobrik modules one at a time, offering a bulk update method instead.

Once the yellobrik rack controller is installed in a yellobrik rack, it automatically detects the USB-connected yellobrik modules, and displays them in the APPolo software. Via the rack controller’s ethernet port connection, a user can quickly visualize, control and configure all the yellobriks connected to an IP network.

While installed in a yellobrik rack frame (model: RFR 1000-1), the RCT 1012 also detects status information on primary and redundant power supplies.

The RCT 1012 yellobrik rack controller is available and shipping in February, 2021.

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