Marquee TV unveils updates to keep on growing as a global arts and culture streaming service

Marquee TV new updates

Updates include new bespoke technology platform and TV/mobile apps · Edward Humphrey joins as CEO 

Marquee TV, the global streaming service for arts and culture, has announced a series of updates to continue to build its reputation as the global streaming service for arts and culture. Amongst this news is the recruitment of a new CEO –Edward Humphrey–, as well as adding US and UK broadcasters as further strategic investors alongside existing European shareholders, United Group and Viasat World.

Besides, Marquee TV have recently moved its platform to a bespoke software stack, designed to enhance the user experience for its global audience base. This move also includes the launch of new TV and mobile device apps which will maximise design and functionality, in addition to a CRM system upgrade. This new platform gives Marquee TV the ability to develop its own bespoke website with a user interface designed to maximise the discovery and enjoyment of its specially-curated arts and culture content. It will support new page designs which will allow Marquee TV’s partners –such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Washington Ballet–. The new solution will also support a wider range of arts-related content such as interviews and articles.

The previous platform was heavily templated and inflexible, whereas the new platform – hosted on a scalable cloud architecture with AWS – harnesses the capability of leading software services, such as JWPlayer and Recurly.

In addition to the new platform and website, Marquee TV is introducing a new set of TV and Mobile device apps to optimise the viewing experience. This includes replacing the existing iOS and Android phone apps, Apple, Android, Fire and Roku apps as well as adding a new LG TV app, allowing users to enjoy content on the move as well as at home in front of the TV.

On the other hand, the new platform will allow integration and collaboration with other content and technology partners in the online arts environment, and will also maximise the marketing activity of the website including search engine and digital advertising optimisation. Marquee TV has also upgraded its customer relation management (CRM) system to Blueshift, helping it engage its customers more effectively through communication channels such as email, social media and in-app messaging.

Finally, Marquee TV has implemented a new media asset management and syndication platform with Stockholm Stream, moving it away from an ad-hoc heavily manual process, to support faster and more effective publishing of content. This also impacts Marquee TV’s work with multiple third-party platforms which allows people to enjoy its content across TV platforms such as ComCast and United Group as well as online platforms like Amazon, YouTube and Apple TV Channels.

Regarding the latest company’s appointment, Edward Humphrey has recently joined Marquee TV as CEO, bringing over two decades of experience of digital innovation and leadership in the film and TV industry, with a focus on building and growing streaming services. He led the launch and growth of renowned international film platform BFI Player and has advised on streaming strategy for a wide range of European broadcasters.

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