Marshall launches CV630-NDIW 30X UHD30 PTZ camera

Marshall new camera

The new camera is suitable for use in live NDI®|HX2 broadcasts and professional AV features 

Marshall Electronics introduces its new CV630-NDIW 30X UHD PTZ camera with NDI®|HX2, designed for every-work use as well as a range of other broadcast and professional AV applications. This new Marshall  camera captures crisp UHD video combined with smooth PTZ camera positioning and 30X optical zoom for a NDI networked video solution. NDI|HX provides low latency, high quality, frame-accurate video and audio in real time to NDI workflows, as company claims.

The new development features NDI|HX2 with simultaneous HDMI and 3GSDI from a professional level 8-megapixel UHD sensor and smooth synchronous PTZ movements. At its core, the CV630 packs a 8-megapixel 1/2.5″ sensor capturing up to Ultra-HD 3840x2160p video at 30fps, with support for HD resolutions. A 30X optical zoom block provides flexibility from 4.6mm to 135mm, with a nearly 70-degree angle-of-view at its widest through close-ups at long distances.




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