Matrox launches the ConvertIP to provide automatic routing, monitoring, and distribution on IP networks

Matrox has recently announced the new Matrox ConvertIP standards-based IP converters. The company assures that these devices allow the user to enhance an existing installation by providing automatic routing, monitoring, and distribution of HDBaseT, IPMX, and SMPTE ST 2110 signals over IP.

Matrox ConvertIP is a standalone, standards-based IP converter. It supports multiple input/output connectivity options, ConvertIP is designed to convert HDMI or SMPTE ST 2110 IP signals to or from SDI or HDMI. ConvertIP devices also support up to 25 Gbps connectivity allowing for the delivery of uncompressed 4K video over SMPTE ST 2110.

Based on NMOS API, Convert IP is interoperable with a wide range of hardware on the market, including ProAV and enterprise equipment. It combines the same hardware for input and output using standard SFPs. The device can be mounted on a rack or the back of a monitor.

The solution uses a web-based command center that avoids the need for dedicated engineers, extensive user training, or additional software downloads. The web-based solution gives multiple users real-time access to all ConvertIP devices on the network. That platform can be integrated into a ConvertIP or any other IPMX-enabled network. The interface gives the user a view of all content on the IP network and where it is being routed, while allowing to organize devices in a unique setup.

Other features are that ConvertIP can be configured as an encoder or decoder, or turned into an IP gateway, or it brings the possibility to work with JPEG XS.

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