Maxon updates Trapcode Suite for useful workflow and performance enhancements

Maxon’s extensive Fall release included updates to nearly every product in the Maxon One subscription, including Trapcode Suite. The 17 update features ability to work with Particular and Form in the same 3D space. After some months, Maxon is releasing a new update: 17.1 that contains workflow and performance enhancements, as well as several minor bug fixes for Particular. The update is immediately available from Maxon App.

The enhancements are:

  • The ‘Create Null’ button now becomes ‘Unlink Null’ when a null has been created to allow for easier decoupling.
  • Undoing ‘Create Null’ is now a one step process.
  • Improved performance for Fluid Dynamics during longer renders.
  • Improved Cinema 4D spline shape support, including the ability to emit from Edges in addition to Vertices.
  • Improved system multi-select behavior in the Designer to eliminate cases of unintentionally selecting multiple systems.
  • Custom system names are now reflected in the ‘Emit from Parent System’ menu for child systems in the Designer.
  • A complete changelist can be found in our Trapcode 17.1 Release FAQ.
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